Publications on Partnerships with business to promote PSD

Partnering with the private sector by sharing knowledge, costs and risk in projects that achieve both commercial and development goals, is a central element of the PSD strategies of DCED member agencies. This page provides a list of reports, research and evaluations related to donor partnerships with the private sector, with a focus on partnerships for economic opportunities for the poor. The DCED has also published a series of publications on the topic itself:

  • In 2013, the DCED has published a review of experience in donor partnerships with business aimed at PSD. It provides a  overview of different partnership models and focuses on aspects that have received little attention so far: assessing additionality, measuring results and ways to enhance partnership effectiveness.
  • This was followed by the publication of Guidelines on Measuring Results in Challenge Funds, based on the DCED Standard. The Guidelines provide advice on issues such as how to design a practical results measurement system, and how to share responsibilities between the business and the fund manager. The DCED organised a Webinar on Measuring Results in Challenge Funds.
  • In 2014, the DCED published a guide on Demonstrating Additionality in challenge funds and other cost-sharing mechanisms. It summarises eight practical criteria and principles that can help agencies to credibly show additionality in their partnerships with business in line with current good practice.

Overview documents: engaging the private sector for development

Donor partnerships with business to promote private sector development: Current research and practice

Results Measurement, Reviews and Evaluations of Partnership Programmes

A list of published reviews and evaluations of  programmes partnering with individual companies to promote pro-poor business models through cost-sharing or technical support can be found below.

To view the DCED’s Practical Guidelines for Measuring Results in Challenge Funds (2013), click here.

To view the DCED’s Preliminary Review of Results Measurement in Impact Investing (2016), click here.

For more information on results measurement tools for donor partnerships with business, please refer to the Practical Tools page.

Case studies of partnerships projects

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