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Guidance by various agencies for PSD Practitioners in CAEs


Below, you can find a compilation of existing guidance published by various agencies on how to promote private sector development in conflict-affected environments. The available guidance falls into the following categories:

Please note that the list below is a work in progress. The various publications only represent the views of the respective agencies/ authors. We will add further details and orientation to 'guide' you through the guidance in due course. This will include pointing out the differences and commonalities between the various documents.


A) Guidance for Conflict Assessment

B) Guidance for Conflict Assessment with a PSD Lens

C) Guidance for applying PSD Assessment Tools with a Conflict Lens

General private sector/ economic development assessment tools
Investment climate/ business environment assessment tools
Value Chain/ market assessment tools

Programme Design and Implementation

Note: Monitoring of results should be part of good programme design and implementation. Guidance on monitoring can be found in the section on results measurement.

A) Basic guiding principles for international engagement in CAEs

B) Guidance for economic and private sector development

Cross-cutting guidance
Investment Climate Reform
Value Chain/ Market Development
Public Private Partnerships
Local Economic Development

Results Measurement

Note that a more extensive list of practical resources on results measurement in CAEs is available in the Annex of the DCED guidelines on measuring results of PSD in CAEs.

A) Guidance for results measurement in CAEs (not PSD-specific)

B) Guidance for results measurement in CAES (PSD-specific)

Investment Climate Reform

Photos: Road Construction, Roadside shops in Afghanistan.