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Region-wide and global partnership programmes


1. Region-wide and global programmes

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In this category, you can find partnership programmes of donor agencies which target all or most developing countries, or one of the wider regions highlighted on the map. Note that amounts of financial support have been converted into approximate US dollar values; original currency values are indicated in brackets, where applicable.

For a list of partnership programmes by specific countries, click here.

Target region/
Type of support/
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All or most developing

(ODA Recipients)

Business Call to Action
national, regional and multinational companies of all sizes, that seek to contribute to development solutions
through their core business activities
- assistance in identifying
implementing partners
- limited technical
support in developing
- signposting to funding agencies

Application Form

Contact Information
Business Partnership Programme
Businesses from Austria and the European Economic Area grant support: up to 50% of project costs, max. $277,000
(200,000 Euro) 
Funding and application details  
Concessional Credits
(Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Finnish businesses exporting to developing countries - interest-free loans for exports of Finnish technology to developing countries when the technology has considerable favourable effects on development Guidelines for the preparation of feasibility studies
Integrated partnerships


multinational, regional, or local companies in developing countries businesses share costs and risks of GIZ development projects  Interested companies should check with GIZ about opportunities in individual countries
Good Growth Fund (Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Dutch companies and local companies from 66 emerging and developing economies guarantees, loans, equity
up to $12.7 mio funding for Dutch SMEs
Contact and other information
Dutch Sustainable Trade Initiative (Netherlands MFA)

Companies in emerging markets and Western Europe cost-sharing in programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation; forging alliances between government agencies, companies, trade unions, NGOs for sustainable production and trade IDH Brochure

Contact information

Feed the future, Partnering for Innovation - Grant Facility (USAID) businesses from any country (nonprofit organizations, universities, and research institutions are also welcome to apply, esp. when working with business partners)
 - financial support (grants) to the testing or commercialisation of technologies that increase productivity and competitiveness of smallholders
(Finnish Ministry of
Foreign Affairs)
Finnish companies
- matchmaking between Finnish companies and local partner companies
- grant support in preparatory and implementation phases of a project (ranging from 30%-70% of expenses, with higher shares for Finnish SMEs and investments in low-income developing countries)
- advisory support

Grant support

Advisory services

Contact information
(Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Finnish companies
- long term risk financing for projects with the potential for profitable business
Finnfund in brief

Finnfund's financial instruments

Contact information

Global Innovation Fund (multi-donor) companies from any country
- grants, loans (including convertible debt), and equity investments ranging from GB $49,000 $16 million
- technical assistance
Application guidelines

Global Development Alliance


large US or multinational companies  - private financial contribution to a development project (at least equal to that of USAID)
- technical assistance
- contributions in-kind
Introduction for companies interested in a public-private alliance with USAID

Annual programme statement (2012) (including qualifying criteria and application instructions)

Staff contact list
Idea Competitions
German and European companies  grant support: up to $267,000
(193,000 Euro)
Proposal assessment criteria
Strategic Development Partnerships
German and European companies  and their subsidiaries
(with projects involving several partners or
several countries)
grant support: total volume at least $1 mio
(750,000 Euro)

Project criteria
Local Cooperation
(Finnland Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Businesses and their associations in developing countries - grant support to development projects
Interested businesses should checkfunding opportunities with Finnish embassies in individual countries
Sustainable Trade Initiative/ IDH (Netherlands MFA)
Companies in emerging markets and Western Europe  - forging alliances between government agencies, companies, trade unions, NGOs for sustainable production and trade
- cost-sharing in programme implementation, monitoring and evaluation
IDH brochure

Contact Information
(Sub-Sahara) Africa
Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund
companies from any country
grant support: $250,000  to $1.5 mio; loans

Proposal process

Funding windows

Contact information
Africa Facility
Africa-based companies
grant support: up to 50% of project costs, max. $ 270,000 (200,000 Euro)
Africa Facility brochure
Food Retail Industry Challenge Fund
UK food retailers, or a retail brand with a share of the UK market or working in partnership with such an enterprise to implement the project grant support: up to $401,000 (£250,000), on a cost-sharing basis
Contact information
South/ South-East Asia
Business for Millenium Development Initiative
(Australia DFAT) 
Australian and multinational companies   brokering links between companies and NGOs to deliver development projects (in Asia and Pacific region)

Contact Information 
Middle East and North Africa
Innovations against Poverty
small to large international businesses  - grant support to technologies that help reduce poverty or fight climate change:  up to 50% of costs, max. $270,400
- advice on pro-poor business practices 
- guarantees