DCED-BEAM Seminar Speakers

This page lists the speakers for the 2018 DCED-BEAM Seminar.

Adam Kessler

Adam is the MRM Lead at Enterprise Partners, a market systems programmes in Ethiopia focusing on creating jobs and incomes through industrial growth. His previous work includes assignments with the DCED, TradeMark East Africa, Business Innovation Facility, and African Enterprise Challenge Fund. Adam has authored or contributed to a number of publications including guidance on measuring results in challenge funds, guidance on selecting sample sizes, and why evaluations fail: the importance of good monitoring.


Adriana Mendieta

Adriana believes that development is the endeavour to improve human condition in which monitoring and measuring aid effectiveness is critical part of a project’s implementation and adaptation. Adriana is an MRM Specialist working with Swisscontact Cambodia developing systems to capture meaningful results and measure the impact of the Skills Development Programme (SDP). Prior to Swisscontact, Adriana supported the SNV horticulture project – CHAIN- as the Project Associate for Gender, Market System and MRM.


Ailsa Buckley

Ailsa is a Private Sector Development Expert who has been designing and implementing enterprise projects for over 26 years in East Africa. Ailsa employs a range of skills in sub sector and cross sector approaches to increasing private sector incomes through systemic market development approaches. She has focused specifically on the commercialisation of support services and stimulating specific markets to be competitive via facilitation of the private sector. She also has extensive experience in capacity development for market systems development. She is the Business and Markets Specialist for Swisscontact in East, Central and Southern Africa and focal point for Inclusive Markets in the region.


Aly Miehlbradt

Aly, Director of Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd, 25 years’ experience as an implementer, researcher, trainer and consultant in private sector development. She is a leader in the global effort to improve MRM and the effective use of information to improve PSD programs. Aly has worked with programs and donors and provides long-term backstopping support to market development programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Aly is also an innovator in improving global capacity through training and mentoring other consultants and has been involved with the DCED Results Measurement Standard since its inception and is a certified auditor. Aly has written a variety of widely used publications on PSD and results measurement.


Amleshwar Singh

Amleshwar is the Senior Monitoring and Results Measurement Manager for Nepal Agricultural Market Development Programme (NAMDP) at Swisscontact. He has more than 20 years of work experiences in different capacities (12 in M&E and RM) including with bilateral, multilateral and I/NGOs including United Mission to Nepal (UMN), Danida, DfID, FAO, UNDP, CARE Nepal, and Pact Inc.


Arsalan Faheem

Arsalan Ali Faheem is Market Development Lead on the DFID-EU Palestinian Market Development Programme implemented by DAI. He manages a three-member team implementing a £1m market development portfolio in IT, Tourism, and Agriculture. Arsalan has seven years of experience in designing and implementing private sector development projects. His client engagements include DFID, EU, World Bank, USAID, Chevron, and Kosmos. He has worked in Ghana, Jordan, Kenya, Nigeria, Palestine, Pakistan, Tanzania, United Kingdom, and the United States. Arsalan holds a BBA from the Institute of Business Administration-Karachi, and an MPP from Brown University.


Babui Salsabil

Babui Salsabil specialises in M&E in the field of market systems development and currently works in the MRM unit of Katalyst. She is experienced in research design, data management, and data analysis and well-versed with the DCED Standard and has successfully coordinated the DCED Audit at Katalyst in 2016. She has recently helped Swisscontact’s Nepal Agricultural Market Development Programme (NAMDP) to develop a data aggregation system and has contributed to the BEAM Exchange blog. Prior to Katalyst, Babui worked at Citibank in Bangladesh.


Ben Fowler

Ben is a co-founder and Principal Consultant at MarketShare Associates, a consulting firm focused on implementing and measuring innovative economic development approaches. Ben leads MSA’s results measurement and adaptive management practice area and specializes in measurement and evaluation of public and private investments. He has written a number of papers and guidance documents on results measurement for USAID, the DCED, the BEAM Exchange and others. Ben has worked with economic development initiatives across more than 30 countries.


Ben Taylor

Ben is a Director at the Springfield Centre and is an expert in systemic approaches to development. He has assisted in the development and refinement of new concepts in private sector development included most recently in the Making Markets Work for the Poor approach and systemic change. His specialisms include applying market systems development approaches to new contexts such as education, water, post-conflict states, resilience and fragility, and basic services. He has worked for a wide range of public and private funders including DFID, USAID, SIDA, SDC, the World Bank, humanitarian focused NGOs such as GOAL and Mercy Corps, and the Gatsby Charitable Foundation.


Bilash Mitra

Bilash has 20 years’ experience in result monitoring, evaluation and learning and database programming and information management. He has worked on market system development and other projects focused on rice and civersified crops; rice value chain; agricultural research and extension; food security, nutrition and livelihoods; reproductive and sexual health; democracy and governance. Bilash has worked in Bangladesh, Nepal and India.


Bill Grant

Bill Grant is the Global Practice Lead for Market Systems Development at DAI, where he has worked since 1986. Since joining DAI he has been focused on bringing new models of market-led, sustainable economic development to bear around the world. During this time he has worked in more than 50 countries, including 35 in Africa, concentrating on designing, evaluating, and implementing market driven solutions leading to broad-based, pro-poor development.  He is currently advising ten systemic development programs for USAID, DFID, the Swiss Development Agency for Cooperation (SDC), and private corporations to link major investment opportunities into sectors with strong pro-poor growth potential.


Callie Ham

Callie is a Technical Officer for ‘the Lab’, an ILO knowledge generation project that seeks to improve the jobs impact of market systems development projects. In this role, she has supported projects in various sectors in Latin America, Africa, and Asia to develop systemic solutions for addressing job quality issues. She has a strong interest in pushing a systems approach further to explore how it can be used to address other social issues, including green growth and gender equality.


Deanna Morris

Deanna is currently working with UNCDF’s Shaping Inclusive Finance Transformations programme, where she is responsible for overall programme M&E and is a member of the programme management and strategic planning team. Deanna has previously worked for a UNESCAP public private partnership project for rural off-grid electrification in Lao PDR and Nepal; SME business development and trade policy at UNESCAP; Aide et Action on access to education and livelihoods in the Greater Mekong Sub-region.


Deepak Khadka

Deepak brings over a decade plus technical and leadership experience in designing and implementing projects in Nepal focused on private sector market development, access to financial services for low-income clients and a wide variety of agriculture value chain strengthening initiatives. As Country Director in Bangladesh, Deepak currently leads one of iDE’s largest and most innovative programs, expanding iDE’s work in WASH, nutrition, and gender-based programming. Prior to joining iDE, he worked in Nepal as the co-founder and CEO of a not-for-profit organization focused on improving the livelihoods of people living in the rural and remote hill areas.


Devon Krainer

Devon Krainer is a Project Manager at MEDA specializing in women’s economic empowerment, market systems, impact measurement, blended finance and SME investment. Devon has a wide range of experience delivering gender inclusive environmental, social and governance (ESG) and impact measurement technical assistance to companies, fund managers and apex organisations. Devon was most recently involved in piloting and launching the Gender Equality Mainstreaming (GEM) Framework, which offers a suite of practical tools for investors and companies to evaluate and upgrade gender equality within business operations by mainstreaming gender across the ESG standard.


Edward Hedley

Edward has worked for a wide-range of donor and INGO projects, focussing recently on designing theories of change, results chains, M&E frameworks and value for money systems on private sector development, agriculture and rural finance, and in regional integration interventions. He currently supports the DfID-funded Private Enterprise Programme Ethiopia and DfID-funded programme West Africa Food Markets. His interest in international development is founded on academic study, voluntary work and professional experience in UK, Denmark, Asia, Africa, and Pacific.


Fisnik Bajrami

Fisnik is currently involved as a Monitoring and Results Measurement Officer at the PPSE Program in Kosovo. He has previously worked as a researcher for four years at Riinvest Institute -a local research organization in Kosovo, participating in numerous research and development projects; as well a teacher in numerous economics related subjects Riinvest College. Fisnik has an MSc in economic policy.



GB Banjara

GB is General Manager on Katalyst in Bangladesh. He manages this multi-donor funded pioneering market systems development project implemented by Swisscontact that has benefitted over 4.7 million farmers in Bangladesh during its 15 years long existence. He has 24 years of private sector development experiences, covering M4P, value chain promotion, project management, entrepreneurship, service markets development, vocational training and strengthening of business associations. GB has previously worked in the private sector and with SNV, Aga Khan Foundation, Swisscontact and GIZ in Ethiopia, Afghanistan and Nepal.


Gerry McCarthy

Gerry has worked for over 20 years in economic growth/enterprise development programmes and projects at director, team leader and consultancy levels. Recent M4P projects include the DFID-funded GEMS4 programme in Nigeria and PIMS in Somalia: value chain experiences include a diverse range of agri-business, livestock and dairy, natural products, mountain tourism, artisanal mining, natural products, waste management and other. Locational experiences also include Kenya, Ethiopia, South Sudan, Rwanda, Jordan, Nepal and Bangladesh.


Hans Posthumus

Hans is an innovative and well-regarded trainer and consultant in market systems development and results measurement and has been actively involved in the development of the DCED Standard. Hans was one of the pioneers in value chain development offering project support and training courses in Asia, Africa and Europe, and was the first to offer an MRM course in 2009 and conducted the first DCED audit in 2011. Hans has supported many projects to apply the DCED Standard principles and has conducted several pre-audit and formal audits. Hans also led the development of DCED Standard application case studies in 2015 and developed a good practices document for SDC managers in 2016.


Khaled Khan

Khaled currently leads the Results Measurement and Learning team of AIP-Rural (PRISMA, SAFIRA and TIRTA projects) in Indonesia. He has worked both in implementation and results measurement in several market systems/M4P program in Bangladesh, Kenya, Sierra Leone and Uganda. His expertise includes managing MRM systems, applying DCED Standard including the audit and integrating MRM into project management. Khaled has gained strong capability on donor communication, facilitating and educating partner organization and co-facilitators on market systems and quality management.


Kamau Kuria

Kamau, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Markets Trust, has recently led KMT through a period of significant changes and organisational repositioning. He has over thirty years’ experience in management consultancy with specialisation in programme management, change management, business and information systems review and strategy development in multiple industry sectors. He has been an entrepreneur (14 years) and worked for PriceWaterhouse East and Central Africa; Barclays Bank in East Africa and Seychelles and University Secretary of Strathmore University. Kamau has also held several non-executive board positions in companies.


James Elekwachi

James has over 20 years professional experience in international development, market systems development, project management and results measurement. His experience includes: Market Systems Development Manager, Chevron Foundation for Partnerships Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND); Programme Manager, DFID GEMS1 project; Intervention Manager and MFM Specialist, DFID PrOpCom project; BDS Fund Manager and Value Chain Expert, World Bank MSME Project; SME Consultant at IFC STEP project. James was awarded a Chevening Scholarship by the British Government.


Jasper Hatwiinda

Jasper is Head of Measuring and Communicating Results and Research at FSD Zambia. He is a leader in monitoring and evaluation with over 20 years of experience across key development agencies. He supports M4P-driven results measurement and communication of results to prove and improve implementation, and has managed participatory rural appraisals, policy and practice in monitoring and communicating results, and organizational capacity building and implementation. Jasper holds a MA in Monitoring and Evaluation.


Judy Odongo

Judy is a seasoned results and knowledge management practitioner with experience in designing and implementing MRM systems for private sector development programs using the DCED Standard. She has extensive experience working on agriculture and economic competitiveness projects in Kenya funded by USAID, DFID, World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Judy is currently the Director of M&E, Collaboration Learning and Adaptation, USAID Feed the Future – Kenya Crops and Dairy Market Systems Development project implemented by Research Triangle Institute (RTI) International.


Julius Mutio

Julius is the Chief Technical Advisor of the Road to Jobs (R2J) project of ILO in Afghanistan a three-year market systems development project funded by Sida. Prior to working R2J, Julius worked in entrepreneurship in the ILO in both Kenya and Geneva, primarily with the programme, Start and Improve Your Business (SIYB).


Leanne Rasmussen

Leanne is a specialist in economic growth and market systems, with a focus on East Africa. In addition to economic growth consulting, she is co-director of Lango Consult, which works with coastal Kenyan businesses to become investment-ready and access equity investment. Prior, she was a Senior Manager in Adam Smith International’s Inclusive Economic Growth practice, providing strategic guidance across ASI’s market systems development programs. This included the Kuza Project, which focused on youth employment in coastal Kenya.


Mena Gul Hemat

Mena Gul works as the MRM Officer for R2J project of the ILO-Afghanistan. He has been working the last ten years in the field of monitoring and evaluation, outcome and output monitoring and result measurement, data analysis and report writing for a number of international organizations and UN agencies involved in development issues. Hemat holds a master degree in rural development.


Mohammed Nurul Azam

Mohammed is a development professional specialising in the development and running of results measurement and knowledge management systems. His experience includes working on some of the biggest M4P/market development projects including Katalyst, PRISMA and Propcom Mai-karfi. He is very enthusiastic about generating knowledge from data that can be turned into actionable insights and is constantly seeking new and better ways of measuring results.


Mollie Liesner

Mollie is the Monitoring, Learning and Dissemination Specialist on Ghana MADE. Mollie is a monitoring and evaluation professional with primary experience on market system development and women’s economic empowerment programmes. She has designed and implemented MRM systems in line with the DCED standard, as well as conducted mock DCED standard audits. Mollie previously worked on the BEAM Exchange Team within both the Evidence and Systemic Change workstreams.


Muaz Jalil

Muaz has worked for over 10 years in market development projects in the M&E and implementation units. He currently provides long term backstopping support to UNCDF, DFAT’s Market Development Facility, and ACDI/VOCA’s, and USAID’s Rice Diversified Crop project. Muaz has worked on projects funded by DFID, SDC, EU, UN and USAID in Indonesia, Fiji, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Myanmar. He has also published numerous articles in peer reviewed journals, both national and international and presented papers in international conferences.


Mujaddid Mohsin

Mujaddid is a private sector development practitioner with over seven years of experience in implementing MSD programs in Bangladesh, West Africa and the Pacific. He has worked on programmes that have undergone two successful DCED audits (for Katalyst and MDF) and is currently preparing for a follow-up audit for MDF Fiji. His interests lie in MSD in shallow markets, adaptive management and systemic change in implementation, and developing high performing teams in MSD programs.


Naomi Somerville-Large

Naomi is the Senior Project Manager at the Arab Women’s Enterprise Fund (AWEF). AWEF is a regional programme funded by UK DFID and The Islamic Development Bank (IDB) that aims to increase economic opportunities and well-being for 150,000 poor and disadvantaged women in Egypt, Jordan and OPTs through a market systems approach. Naomi has been working with DAI for 3 years across private sector development and women’s economic empowerment programmes for both the FCO and DFID.


Nathalie Gunasekera

Nathalie is the Senior Adviser for Markets & Employment in Mercy Corps’ Markets, Economic Recovery and Growth technical support unit, where she provides technical assistance to the organisation’s employment portfolio. She has previously worked on youth employment programs in the Western Balkans, as well as private sector development programs in Sub-Saharan Africa.


Nebil Kellow

Nebil is the Managing Director of Enterprise Partners, a 50-person strong social enterprise funded by DfID. Enterprise Partners is supporting Ethiopia’s ambitious industrialisation programme while also supporting financial sector investments in what is Africa’s leading growth economy. Enterprise Partners’ work is resulting in jobs created and improved incomes for poor people, primarily women. Prior to EP, Nebil founded First Consult at the age of 23 and grew the business rapidly to become the leading consulting firm in Ethiopia.


Phitcha Wanitphon

Phitcha has pioneered the DCED Standard as Deputy Program Director at the Thai-German Program for Enterprise Competitiveness. He has supervised the design of new interventions, ensuring that these are sustainable and demonstrate how they will achieve impact. As a consultant, Phitcha focuses on training and advising projects in results measurement. Phitcha has conducted many DCED trainings and workshops since 2012 and has undertaken most DCED audits since 2011.


Raksha Vasudevan

Raksha is a Managing Consultant with MarketShare Associates, where she has supported various clients in research, project design, monitoring and evaluation of market systems projects. Prior to joining MarketShare, Raksha was a strategist with Pollen Group, supporting market systems projects across Africa. Raksha speaks English, French and Tamil and has worked in economic development across more than a dozen countries.


Rubaiyath Sarwar

Rubaiyath is the Managing Director of Innovision Consulting, an international consultancy with its bases in Dhaka, Bangladesh and London, UK. Rubaiyath works as a researcher, technical consultant and advisor for market systems development and extreme poverty alleviation. His experience cuts across agriculture, health, industries, finance, water, sanitation and hygiene market systems. He is a senior technical consultant on market systems development at DAI Europe. He is also serving as the steering committee member for the IFAD Funded Value Chain Capacity Building Network (VCBN) for Asia and the Pacific.


Ryan Sturgill

Ryan comes to Mercy Corps / Gaza Sky Geeks building on a career in investment facilitation and international social entrepreneurship, particularly across emerging markets. Previously, he helped establish a startup incubator in Afghanistan with support from Google, and has advised small business on operations and financial strategy in Palestine, the UAE, Iraq, and Pakistan. He has analysed, structured, and managed investments for the The Abraaj Group, a leading growth markets private equity firm based in Dubai, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, a major lender to small businesses around the globe.


Syeda Samira Saif

Syeda is a private sector development practitioner with over 8 years of experience in the field of market systems development particularly focusing on results measurement and women’s economic empowerment. She is currently working as the Director of Quality and Inclusion for the flagship DFAT funded multi-country program – Market Development Facility. She has worked with multiple donors including The World Bank, DFID and DFAT and over her tenure in the private sector development space, she has and continues to support country programmes spanning over 6 countries across South Asia and the Pacific that have successfully undergone DCED audits.


Sylvanus Abua

Sylvanus is the monitoring and results measurement manager of Market Development in the Niger Delta Programme. His background includes professional training and practical experience in geographical information systems, a computer-based programme for capturing, storing and analysing geographically referenced data. Sylvanus worked for up to a decade as a researcher in conventional development projects before switching 10 years ago to the field of monitoring and evaluation.


Tim Sparkman

Tim is a Project Director for the SDC’s Enhancing Youth Employment project in Kosovo, implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation. He is a published author on market systems development and combines an avid research interest with management experience. He is especially interested in self-organization in socioeconomic systems, network structures and information flow.


Valerie Mukuna

Valerie is a program management professional with nine years’ experience in agriculture, microenterprise development and gender-responsive programming in sub-Saharan Africa. A holder of a BSc. Information Sciences and MA Population Studies degrees, Valerie has leveraged exceptional information technology and knowledge management skills to promote efficient programme implementation, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and learning and women economic empowerment (WEE). In her capacity as Results Specialist at Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSD Kenya), Valerie mainstreams results measurement into overall programming.


Veyrl Adell

Veyrl is the Head of Women’s Inclusion at FSD Zambia. She is a gender and social inclusion economist with 20 years of experience in designing and implementing inclusive business strategies and programs. She has worked across Africa leading economic and social empowerment for girls, youth and women in multiple sectors including finance, trade, sustainable/renewable energy, education, supply chain, health, agriculture, policy and climate resilience using the making markets work for the poor (M4P) approach.


Wiebe Vos

Wiebe has worked for almost five years as MRM Advisor for Swiss Contact in Latin America. He trains and advises MSD project teams on applying the DCED Standard. Weibe has recently taken on the role of Leader of Swisscontact’s global Community of Practice in MRM, responsible for the global sharing (internal & external) of the organisation’s tools and experiences in MRM and MSD.


Zakaria Tavberidze

Zakaria is the Results Measurement Coordinator for the Alliances Caucasus Programme (ALCP) funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by Mercy Corps Georgia. He has a PHD student of sociology and is a guest lecturer at Ilia State University, Tbilisi. Zakaria’s research interests include agriculture, economy and media.