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Donor Partnerships with business to promote PSD

There is a growing interest among DCED member agencies in cost- and risk-sharing partnerships with individual businesses as a means to achieve both commercial and (economic) development goals. Meanwhile, business leaders are increasingly interested in social and developmental issues.

This trend is exemplified by the "Joint Statement on Expanding and Enhancing Public-Private Cooperation”, agreed at the 2011 High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness in Busan and signed by the DCED.

Similarly, DCED member agencies issued the "Bilateral Donors' Statement in Support of Private Sector Partnerships for Development" at the UN Private Sector Forum on the Millennium Development Goals in 2010. Click here for the full report of the UN Private Sector Forum


This area of the website contains useful information and resources on partnerships with the private sector. Click on an entry below to access further resources:

Mapping of partnership programmes of DCED Member and other agencies: A mapping of different forms of partnerships and collaborations with private companies, and an up-to-date list of partnership mechanisms supported by donor agencies. >> Click here for the overview of donor-funded partnership programmes


Publications on partnerships with business: Studies, reports and a compilation of available impact assessments related to donor partnerships with business, with a focus on challenge funds and similar cost-sharing mechanisms. You can also find the DCED's own review of experience and results in partnerships for PSD. >> Click here for the publications page

Directory of funding and other partnership opportunities for businesses: Allows a search of partnership opportunities for businesses by type of support or collaboration. >>Click here to identify suitable partnerships opportunities

Practical Tools for practitioners of partnerships and inclusive business: An inventory for both donor agencies and the private sector, listing tools and guides for different partnership phases, including the DCED's practical guidelines on Demonstrating Additionality. >> Click here to access practical tools for your day-to-day work in partnerships

Note that on our Success Stories page, you can also find case studies of business contributions to development and public-private-partnerships which report impact on employment and incomes at scale. 

Suggestions for additions to these pages are welcome at any time. Click here to contact the DCED Secretariat.


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