Toolkit for implementing the Standard

This page introduces practical tools to use when implementing the DCED Standard. They build on a worked example of an Intervention Guide or Monitoring Plan, which can be downloaded here in .xlsx format. For a blank Intervention Guide, click here (also in .xlsx format).

1. What is the DCED Standard? (8 minutes)

For more introductory material, click here.

2. What is an Intervention Guide? (6 minutes)

For the worked example of an Intervention Guide, click here.

For a blank Intervention Guide template, click here.

3. About the Intervention Summary Tab (5 minutes)

4. About results chains (8 minutes)

For more about results chains, click here.

5. About Results Measurement Plans (6 minutes)

For more on choosing indicators, click here.

6. Calculations and Measurement (3 minutes)

For more on good measurement practice, click here.

7. Effective Data Collection (8 minutes)

For more on attribution, click here. For the sample size calculator, click here.

For the worked example Research Plan, click here. For a blank Research Plan template, click here.

8. Using Information for Adaptive Management (10 minutes)

For tips on how to run review meetings, analysing and using information in decision making, click here.

For example review meeting agendas, click here.

9. Implementation and resources (9 minutes)


Introduction to the toolkit, Webinar 9th October 2019 (1 hour)