DCED guidance

The DCED is a forum where member agencies and others can come together to share experiences and to formulate a common understanding of good practice. This understanding is based particularly on empirical experience in the field: what has worked, and what has not.

Often, the experiences are harvested through a series of thematic conferences, featuring a wide range of peer-reviewed Papers, research and other evidence. During each conference, the materials are reviewed and discussed, leading to a shared agreement about what constitutes good practice. In other cases the members of the DCED’s thematic working groups work closely with experts to review and document their joint lessons.

From this page, you can easily access current DCED guidance and reviews of joint lessons learnt on various themes:

Private Sector Engagement

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Results Measurement

Business Environment Reform 

PSD in Conflict-Affected Environments

Business Development Services