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While economic growth is necessary for increased employment and poverty reduction, further environmental goals include the mitigation of climate change, adaptation to climate change, the reduction of other pollutants, and a reversal of biodiversity loss and growing fresh water scarcity. Meeting these needs will be a challenge, but for many enterprises in the developing world, it also presents an opportunity.

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The search for synergy: Business Environment Reform and Green Growth – A practical guide for policy practitioners. DCED, 2017. Practitioners working in Business Environment Reform and Green Growth have noted the synergies and trade-offs between these two approaches. The guide is designed for professionals working on BER and/or GG, and aims to help build constructive synergies. It identifies the positive and negative spill-overs between the approaches, and identifies practical steps for programmes to prevent and mitigate them.

This research was also presented at an ITCILO conference in Zambia, September 2017. You can view the presentation here. The following related case studies were published:



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