Green growth

Though a number of definitions exist, at heart Green Growth is economic growth that is environmentally sustainable. While economic growth is necessary for increased employment and poverty reduction, further environmental goals include the mitigation of climate change, adaptation to climate change, the reduction of other pollutants, and a reversal of biodiversity loss and growing fresh water scarcity. To tackle these challenges, the active participation of the private sector is needed, as firms reduce or change their resource use, minimise waste, develop new environmentally friendly products and services, and increase demand for such products and services. Meeting these needs will be a challenge, but for many enterprises in the developing world, it also presents an opportunity. In fact investment in greening our economies is already a source of growth for many, while DCED members are increasingly active in promoting private sector contributions to Green Growth.


DCED publications and other key documents

A working group on Green Growth under the DCED has been formed in 2010.The objective of the group is to share knowledge and to raise awareness on the private sector’s contribution to Green Growth, as well as green issues related to the business enabling environment. This section lists key documents published by the DCED itself as well as other organisations.

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Impact stories

For further stories on green growth, visit our Impact Stories page.

Videos on green growth

This short film profiles IFC’s Lighting Africa initiative, which aims to develop markets for cleaner, more affordable and safer lighting products in Sub-Saharan Africa. Further videos on private sector development are available on the DCED YouTube account.

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