Green Growth

Many private sector development (PSD) programmes aim to achieve economic as well as environmental goals, including the mitigation of, and adaptation to, climate change, the reduction of pollutants, and a reversal of biodiversity loss and water scarcity. Meeting these needs can also be an opportunity for businesses in the developing world.

This page compiles key resources on Green Growth that are relevant to PSD practitioners, many prepared under the auspices of the DCED’s Green Growth Working Group. For a broader collection of Green Growth resources, see the Green Growth Policy Platform.

For more specific resources on promoting a green recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, please refer to the DCED knowledge page on Promoting economic recovery and resilience in the context of COVID-19.

At a glance: Short reads on green growth

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An Introduction to the Circular Economy for Donors, DCED, 2021

Gives an introduction to the concept of circular economy for private sector development practitioners.

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Green Economy - Why, What and How? Sida, 2017

Explains why a green economy is needed, what it is, how it can be done, and what a donor agency can do to promote it.

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Explores the role of the private sector in adaptation, and how development agencies are providing support.

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Dialogue Support for a Green Economy: Dialogue and Assessment Tool, Sida, 2017

Provides ideas for questions that can be used in dialogue with partners about integrating environment and climate change perspectives in employment, market development and trade initiatives.

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DCED publications

Opportunities and challenges

Green growth approaches

Green growth can be achieved using a wide range of PSD approaches. This section introduces some of these approaches in the context of green growth, and links to resources that explore how each approach is being, or could be, implemented around the world.

Sector-specific resources

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