Business Environment Reform

The DCED defines the business environment as a complex of policy, legal, institutional, and regulatory conditions that govern business activities (DCED, 2008). It is a sub-set of the investment climate. Business environment reform (BER) aims to reduce the costs and risks of business activity by improving poor government policies, laws and regulations, and by stimulating competition through new market entrants. The DCED Business Environment Working Group have produced the following video introducing the approach:

At a glance: Short reads on Business Environment Reform

DCED publications

DCED members are working through the Business Environment Working Group (BEWG) to review experience and develop good practice guidance on key aspects of BER. A full list of DCED publications on BER is available here. This section lists the Top 5 most downloaded BEWG resources during the last year.

Key overview documents

Business Environment Reform and complementary approaches

Different areas of Business Environment Reform

This section lists practical resources by various agencies on selected key areas of business environment, as defined in the DCED’s donor guidance on BER support.

Overarching tools and guidelines

Simplifying business registration and licensing

Improving tax policies and administration

Enabling better access to finance

Improving labour laws and administration

Improving land titles, registers and administration

Improving access to commercial courts and alternative dispute resolution

Enhancing public-private dialogue

Cross-cutting issues

Political Economy

Gender and BER

For more resources on gender and BER including case studies, please refer to the DCED’s Women’s Economic Empowerment webpage.

DCED webinar on Gender and Business Environment Reform, January 2020

Implementing BER in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Contexts

Measuring Results in BER

Country diagnostics

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