Consultancy support

This section lists consultants who may be available to provide support to programmes working towards compliance with the Standard; each has been through a rigorous selection process, generally including an exam on the Standard, and contacting referees. We welcome new consultants interested in being featured in this page; download this document for details on how to apply.

Please note that the DCED is not endorsing consultants by listing them here; if you are seeking a consultant, we recommend making the usual enquiries before hiring someone from this list. If experienced consultants are not available within your time frame, please consider hiring a less experienced person, and including a few days of supervision by a more experienced one. Programmes wanting to go for formal audit are invited in the first instance to discuss their requirements with the DCED Secretariat (

WafaHafizWafa Hafiz

Wafa has been working in results measurement for more than ten years. She worked to design and implement the results measurement system in Swisscontact Katalyst, and has worked in South-east Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and Australia designing and implementing results measurement systems based on the Standard. She has applied the Standard to a wide range of programmes in M4P, M4P for stability, challenge funds, value chains and food security. Wafa has completed the Advanced Training on the DCED Standard, and was a presenter in DCED Global Seminar in 2012.

Click here for Wafa Hafiz’ CV.

Wafa can be contacted here, and is currently based in London, UK.

Shibaji_Photo-min-minShibaji Roy

Shibaji Roy possesses experience in supporting different types of projects in South Asia, Oceania and Africa to comply with the DCED Standard. He has supported projects working in M4P, Agriculture, Industrial sectors, Women Economic Empowerment, Access to Finance and Public Health to follow the DCED Standard. He has worked with donors including USAID, AusAID and DFID, and consulted for M4P projects including Katalyst, PEPE and AIP-PRISMA.

Click here for Shibaji’s CV.

Shibaji can be contacted here, and is currently based in Bangladesh.

Photo RM Sadia Ahmed 2016

Sadia Ahmed

Sadia Ahmed has ten years’ experience in the field of private sector development and monitoring and evaluation. She has worked with programs focusing on rural agriculture sectors, urban industrial sectors, and better working environment. Sadia has designed, implemented, and given trainings on results measurement systems for a number of programs. She has also carried out pre-audit reviews of results measurement systems based on the DCED Standard. Sadia has worked in Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. Five of the programs she worked with have successfully gone through DCED Audits.

Click here for Sadia’s CV.

Sadia can be contacted here

Sanju Joshi

Sanju has more than ten years of experience in designing and implementing the monitoring and evaluation activities of various development programmes focusing on private sector development, access to finance, agriculture and food security, disaster risk reduction, youth engagement, communication for development, health and nutrition, education, infrastructure development and women’s empowerment. This includes over 3 years of hands-on experience in leading monitoring and results measurement of the DFID funded Samarth-Nepal Market Development Programme (using the DCED Standard).

Click here for Sanju’s CV.

Sanju can be contacted here.

PW PhotoPhitcha Wanitphon

Phitcha has pioneered the DCED Standard as Deputy Programme Director at the Thai-German Programme for Enterprise Competitiveness (TG-PEC). Phitcha has received training on the DCED Standard for Results Measurement, including the modules for consultants. Phitcha is fluent in English and Thai, and is a DCED-approved Auditor.

Click here for Phitcha Wanitphon’s CV.

Phitcha can be contacted here or here, and is currently based in Thailand.

Nabanita SenNabanita Sen Bekkers

Nabanita has fourteen years of experience working in different aspects of private sector development including implementation of projects, results measurement, communication and project development. From 2006 to 2012 she worked with Katalyst and subsequently Swissontact South Asia Regional Office (SARO) in managing different projects applying MSD in sectors such as agriculture, skills development, urban economy and healthcare. She has experience in applying the Standard in different countries in a wide mix of programmes including value chains and enterprise development, trade facilitation, enabling environment, financial inclusion, and challenge funds.  Nabanita is well known for her strong interpersonal skills which allow her to develop and maintain a trustworthy relationship with her clients.  Nabanita is a DCED approved auditor.

Click here for Nabanita Sen’s CV.

Nabanita can be contacted here, and is currently based in the Netherlands.

Muneeb Zulfiqar

Muneeb is currently an independent consultant with experience in designing, implementing and measuring PSD interventions across Asia and the Pacific focusing on agriculture, leather, livestock, export, finance, nutrition, education, gender and tourism. He was also part of the advanced results measurement workshop for leading industry practitioners in 2017. Muneeb has previously worked in various technical capacities with the Market Development Facility (MDF) Project, where he successfully led the Pakistan country team through a DCED audit and supported other MDF country teams in preparing for it. Muneeb is currently based in Pakistan and is fluent in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

Click here for Muneeb Zulfiqar’s CV.

Muneeb can be contacted here, and is currently based in Pakistan.

Mujaddid Mohsin

Muja has ten years of technical and managerial experience with the market systems development approach in emerging markets in Africa, South Asia and the Pacific. His experiences cover programming in urban and rural sectors. He specialises in developing and managing results measurement systems that comply with the DCED Standard for Results Measurement. He has prepared programs like Katalyst and the Market Development Facility (MDF) to undergo multiple formal audits.

Click here for Muja’s CV.

Muja can be contacted here, and is based in Fiji.

muaz_compressedMuaz Jalil

Muaz has twelve years of experience in private sector development, inclusive finance and results measurement. He had senior management role in various projects. He provided advisory services to projects in Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Fiji and conducted numerous trainings on M&E & Market systems. Muaz holds an MA in Economics from UBC, Canada, and an MPhil from University of Cambridge, UK; he has received trainings on network analysis, RCT and social valuation. Muaz is a DCED-approved auditor.

Click here for Muaz’s CV.

Muaz can be contacted here, and is based in London, UK.

MakararavyTyMakararavy Ty

Ravy is currently the M&E Specialist at CAVAC, where she led the program through a DCED audit in 2013. Ravy has completed a course in M&E consulting with a focus on the DCED Standard and has recently assisted projects in Fiji, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan with pre-audit reviews and technical assistance to improve their M&E systems.  She speaks Khmer, English, French and Thai.

Click here for Makararavy Ty’s CV.

Makararavy can be contacted here, and is currently based in Cambodia.

MihaelaBalan_2Mihaela Balan

Mihaela has over 19 years experience in providing technical assistance for results measurement in Private Sector Development, socio-economic and governance programmes in Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Eastern Europe. Having completed advanced training on the DCED Standard, Mihaela  has assisted various programmes to move towards compliance. Mihaela speaks English, French, Italian, Bislama and Romanian; she is a DCED-approved auditor.

Click here for Mihaela Balan’s CV.

Mihaela can be contacted here, and is currently based in Australia.

Hans Posthumus

Hans has been active in Private Sector Development since 1986. Hans regularly conducts courses in results measurement using the DCED Standard, market and value chain development. He has been actively involved in the development of the DCED Standard for Results Measurement in early 2008. He speaks English, Portuguese and Dutch, and is a DCED-approved Auditor.

Click here for Hans Posthumus’ CV.

Hans can be contacted here, and is currently based in the Netherlands.

Emeka Eluemunor

Emeka has nine years of experience working in result measurement across a wide variety of sectors. He has had experience applying the DCED Standard to private sector development projects working in agriculture, access to finance, women’s economic empowerment, waste management, micro retailing, construction and real estate. Emeka also has 7 years of experience working in the public and private sectors. He has an MSc in Economics and is a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Click here for Emeka Eluemunor’s CV.

Emeka can be contacted here, and is currently based in Nigeria.

Elisa Roth

Elisa has ten years’ experience in project coordination, implementation and research in UN agencies and NGOs in Europe and Africa. She has experience of setting up and implementing flexible monitoring systems sensitive to context and budget.

Click here for Elisa Roth’s CV.

Elisa can be contacted here, and is currently based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Deanna Salpietra

Deanna has over eight years of experience in innovative private sector, market development and financial sector programs in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Deanna has worked as both a project manager and technical consultant for donor and private clients. She speaks English and Spanish.

Click here for Deanna Salpietra’s CV

Deanna can be contacted here or here.

Ben_Fowler_CompressedBen Fowler

Ben is an independent consultant with consultancy and project management experience across Latin America, Asia, Africa, North America and Australia. Ben has received training on the DCED Standard for Results Measurement, including the modules for consultants. He speaks fluent English and Spanish, and is a DCED-approved auditor.

Click here for Ben Fowler’s CV.

Ben can be contacted here, and is currently based near Toronto, Canada.

Alexandra Miehlbradt

Alexandra Miehlbradt is a Director of Miehlbradt Consulting Ltd., and has over twenty-five years of experience as a consultant, practitioner, trainer and researcher. She specialises in monitoring and results measurement, and pro-poor enterprise and market development. She is a DCED-approved Auditor.

Click here for Alexandra Miehlbradt’s CV.

Alexandra can be contacted here, and is currently based in New Zealand.

Adam Kessler

Adam is a monitoring and evaluation specialist with experience developing simple, practical results measurement systems for large private sector development programmes. The DCED Standard is an area of particular focus, and he has written guidance on following the Standard and successfully taken a programme through an audit. He has worked on industrial development, agriculture, market systems, and challenge funds. Publications include practical advice for selecting sample sizes, using the DCED Standard in challenge funds, and Why Evaluations Fail.

Click here for Adam’s CV.

Adam can be contacted here, and is currently based in the UK.