Local economic development and clusters


Local Economic Development (LED) is a strategy for promoting local economies as a way to fight poverty. LED programs often include elements of service market development and/or value chain development and vice versa. Cluster development refers to specific kind of LED strategies which focus on encouraging and supporting sectoral and geographic agglomerations of inter-connected companies, services and institutions. Support focuses on clusters that are considered to offer the most local economic development potential.

This page provides some key documents and links to information on LED and cluster promotion. Other relevant resources can be found in particular on the DCED Knowledge Page on Industrial Policy and the DCED Value Chains Database.


LED and Cluster Promotion



Cluster Promotion


Empirical research, LED/Cluster Programmes and case studies

Empirical research


LED/ Cluster Programmes and case studies

Better workplace for furniture workers


Methodologies, tools and training on LED and Cluster Promotion


Useful resources

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