Overview of the Green Growth Working Group

Objectives of the Group

As a long-term goal, the Green Growth Working Group (GGWG) aims to mainstream green and inclusive growth strategies in private sector development, while advocating for the importance of private sector development when implementing green and inclusive growth strategies in other areas of development cooperation. The other main goals are:

  • To allow participating members to use knowledge and guidance acquired through the Working Group in their agencies for mainstreaming inclusive green growth through advocacy, policy development and/or programme development.
  • To advance knowledge-sharing on inclusive green growth in PSD through exploring and disseminating experience and lessons learned on new topics.

The Working Group is chaired by Mette Grangaard Lund of ILO.

Recent publications

Ongoing work

As per the GGWG Work Plan, members are:

  • Sharing knowledge, including the organisation of webinars on different green growth approaches and tools.
  • Creating a toolkit of nature-based solutions for climate adaptation.
  • Exploring green industrial policies and their just transition implications.

DCED/GGKP Webinar: Navigating Green Private Sector Development, July 2023

DCED/GGKP Webinar: Climate Expert: Helping SMEs to develop strong climate adaptation strategies, September 2019.

DCED/GGKP Webinar on Making Gender-Responsive Green Growth Happen, December 2019.

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