Overview of the Green Growth Working Group

Objectives of the group

As a long term goal, the Green Growth Working Group (GGWG) aims to mainstream green and inclusive growth strategies in private sector development, while advocating for the importance of private sector development when implementing green and inclusive growth strategies in other areas of development cooperation.

The other main goals are:

  • To allow participating members to use knowledge and guidance acquired through the Working Group in their agencies for mainstreaming inclusive green growth through advocacy, policy development and/or programme development (implementation).
  • To advance knowledge sharing on inclusive green growth in PSD through exploring and disseminating experience and lesson learned on new topics.

Key achievements

Regular working group meetings give individual agencies space to update the group on their activity; updates are available in GGWG Minutes.

In March 2016, the OECD and GGWG co-organised a workshop  Engaging the Private Sector for Green Growth and Climate Change. Presentations and a summary of the event are available here.

In November 2014, the group completed a comprehensive stocktaking of members’ experiences in interventions for Green Growth and Private Sector Development which identifies trends and emerging lessons in best practice. The group has also developed fact sheets on key avenues of Green Growth, which each introduce specific challenges to Green Growth, the response, the results and lessons learnt, with relevant examples of donor activity: Economic Policy for Green Growth, Green Growth: Risks and Opportunities for Trade and Investment, Green Industries for Green Growth, and Green Value Chains to Promote Green Growth.  The group has also produced a paper on Skills Development for Green and Inclusive SMEs in India: Entrepreneurs Approaches.

Expert meetings have been convened on key aspects of Green Growth. These include workshops on diagnostic tools, and measuring results in green growth programmes based on the DCED Standard. In early 2013, the group sponsored an ILO-led inter-agency workshop in 2013 on employment and social inclusion in a green economy.

Ongoing work

One of the group’s current areas of focus is the topic of Business Environment Reform and Green Growth. In collaboration with the Business Environment Working Group, the GGWG is currently investigating how BER can foster the private sector’s contribution to Green Growth, what are the trade-offs and how can they be managed? The initial report is currently being developed further, to incorporate in-depth case studies and derive policy recommendations for practitioners.

Members of the GGWG are planning to continue to bring together and review their respective approaches and for green Value Chain Development, in particular where Small and Medium sized Enterprises are involved.

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