Overview of the Market Systems Development (MSD) Working Group

Objectives of the group

The Working Group was formally established at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Rome, and is chaired by Andrea Inglin of SDC, and Susanne Thiard-Laforet of ADA. It is building on the achievements to date of the BEAM Exchange.

The strategic aim of the MSD WG is to collect, share and elaborate knowledge about the MSD approach, its use and its achievements; and to develop products, services and support for donors and implementers who are already using or willing to use the MSD approach.

Key activities

The current Work Plan of the group includes:

  • Maintenance of the BEAM Exchange knowledge platform
  • Strengthening the capacity-building system for MSD
  • Strengthening the evidence base for MSD
  • Building members’ capacity to use the MSD approach
  • Structural Economic Transformation and MSD

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