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In the last twelve months, documents on the DCED website have had tens of thousands of downloads. A new page on the website summarises the 15 most popular documents.

Impact investing: Measurement valued by investee businesses

This DCED study (July 2017) examines the data being generated by impact investee organisations. Little is known about the forms of impact data generated and valued by these enterprises. This study looks at why they are generating this data and how they are using it.

Attribution in Results Measurement for Impact Investors

This DCED study (July 2017) explores the current practices of impact investors around the concept of attribution in results measurement.

How to integrate gender into PSD programmes

The DCED has published a Synthesis Document (May 2017) that draws together resources and guidance on integrating gender and WEE into PSD programmes. This guidance is based on the practical experience of economic growth programmes integrating WEE.The document is structured according to the elements of the DCED Standard (Version VII).


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