DCED Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, 3-6 June 2024

The DCED 2024 Annual Meeting will take place in Washington, DC, 3-6 June 2024, hosted by USAID, the World Bank and IFC.

Working Group meeting will take place on 3 and 4 June. Hybrid meeting facilities will be available.

The Thematic Day on 5 June will focus on The future of PSD at the nexus of green and digital transformations. The Thematic Day will be in person only.

The final day on 6 June (in person only) will offer space for member update presentations and the DCED Business Session.

More information and agendas are being posted below as they become available.

Schedule of meetings

  • Monday 3 June: Working Group meetings and open sessions

Women’s Economic Empowerment Working Group (all day), including an open workshop session for all members on How to Consider Social Norms in your Private Sector Development Policies and Programmes in the afternoon, facilitated by the World Bank.

Business Environment Working Group: all day, including an open session on ‘Using Evidence to Inform Innovative Programs for SME Growth’ organised by JICA (3:30pm to 5pm)

Results Measurement Working Group: half-day meeting in the morning, including an introductory session on their work for all members. A joint session with Dean Karlan, USAID Chief Economist, is also being explored.

  • Tuesday 4 June: Working Group meetings and open sessions

Private Sector Engagement Working Group Meeting: all day, featuring a presentation of USAID’s PSE Modernize reform initiative; a collaborative session with the MSD WG and MFIs/DFIs is being explored.

Market Systems Development Working Group: half a day; the group is exploring the possibility of an exchange with the USAID Market Systems and Partnerships activity as well as joint discussions with the PSE WG

Green Growth Working Group meeting: half a day, in the morning.

Open member consultation on USAID’s forthcoming Economic Growth Policy and Trade Policy (1.5 hours)

  • Wednesday 5 June: Thematic Day on The future of PSD at the nexus of green and digital transformations

The future of PSD will be significantly shaped by climate change and the digitalisation of the global economy. This Thematic Day aims to spotlight experiences, evidence and debates on how to manage risks and maximise economic opportunities linked to the green and digital transitions. In addition to enhancing members’ understanding of these global trends, the aim is

  • to showcase innovative practices by the private sector to adapt to, and seize opportunities from, these transitions (incl speakers from multinational companies and SMEs based in partner developing countries);
  • to explore cross-sectoral collaborations and programmes leading the way in promoting greener and more digital growth (e.g.,The IKEA Foundation’s and EIT Climate KIC entrepreneurial ecosystem work to advance a Circular Economy transition); and
  • to discuss specific implications  for governments and donors going forward (e.g., PeiChin Tay of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change will explore the impact of AI on the future of jobs in developing countries and what it  means for policy-makers)
  • Thursday 6 June: DCED Business Day (ending at lunchtime)

Including member update presentations, approval of the DCED Work plan and Budget