DCED Synthesis Notes and Summaries

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This page provides short-cuts to all of the DCED’s current summaries and synthesis documents.

Private Sector Development

Synthesis Note on Private Sector Development gives a one-page overview of PSD with links to the relevant parts of the DCED website

Results Measurement

Outline of the DCED Standard: gives a one-page overview of the popular DCED Standard and its benefits for programmes.

More detail: Introduction to the DCED Standard

Results Measurement in Impact Investing: A Preliminary Review: Two-page summary of the DCED Review in 2016

Private Sector Engagement

Donor Engagement in Innovative Finance: Opportunities and Obstacles: Two-page summary of four key issues that donors need to address as a basis for effective engagement in innovative finance, including definitions and discourse; evidence on results; ‘best fit’ roles for donors; and capacity for performing new roles. Includes a summary graphic of different innovative finance concepts and how they relate to each other.

Towards strategic private sector engagement: Programming innovations and institutional changes in donor agencies: Two pages including graphics, summarising the DCED’s 2017 publication on the theme; highlights changes in policies and procedures, staff roles and team structures, as well  as in skill sets and incentives, to enable private sector engagement.

Demonstrating Additionality in Private Sector Development Initiatives: One page plus graphics, summarising criteria from the DCED’s seminal 2014 guide on demonstrating additionality.
Synthesis Note on donor funds and facilities, 2017: 8-page summary of the state of the art, around programmes that invite proposals from businesses; it outlines design options, trends and lessons learned.
Synthesis Note contrasting matching grant schemes and market systems approaches. Both approaches share costs of change with individual businesses, but can differ in start and end points. This Note explores the implications, noting differences and synergies.

More detail: DCED Private Sector Engagement web page

Industrial Policy

Synthesis Note on Industrial Policy (2017): This 4-page synthesis summarises current issues and debates in Industrial Policy – including three key take-aways.

More detail: DCED Industrial Policy web page

Inclusive Business

How to create an enabling environment for inclusive business, 2017: Two pages, summarising the DCED’s extensive review of experience and evidence on the topic.

Synthesis Note on Inclusive Business, 2017: This 5-pager provides an overview of definitions, experiences and debates around the concept of Inclusive Business.

More detail: DCED Inclusive Business web page
DCED scoping paper on How to Create an Enabling Environment for Inclusive Business, 2016

Business Environment Reform

Synthesis Note on Evidence on Business Registration Reform, 2017: summarises evidence on the effectiveness of business registration reform in promoting economic development and poverty reduction, based on studies referenced in the DCED Evidence Framework.

More detail: DCED Business Environment Reform web page

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Synthesis Note on Women’s Economic Empowerment – What do we know?, 2019: This 6-page Note explores major challenges for Women’s Economic Empowerment as well as evidence on what works and why.
Research update on Original studies on Women’s Economic Empowerment, 2017: This 5-page update summarises key insights from recent original studies on women’s economic empowerment (WEE) and effective interventions in different contexts.

More detail: DCED Women’s Economic Empowerment web page and DCED Guidelines on How to Integrate Gender and WEE into Private Sector Development Programmes, 2017.

Green Growth

Synthesis Note on Private Sector Adaptation to Climate Change and Development Agency Support, 2016: Explores the role of the private sector in adaptation, and how development agencies are providing support.

More detail: DCED Green Growth web page and DCED Guide on Business Environment Reform and Green Growth, 2017

Small Enterprise Development

Synthesis Note on Small Enterprise Development (2018): This 4-page Note summarises debates on the role of small enterprises in poverty reduction, and on appropriate support from development agencies.
Synthesis Note on Evidence on Business Management Training (2017): This Note summarises evidence on the effectiveness of business management training, based on studies referenced in the DCED Evidence Framework.

More detailDCED Small Enterprise Development web page

Employment Creation

Synthesis Note on employment creation (2017): This 4-pager summarises evidence on what works for employment creation, based on a comparison of different approaches such as industrial policy, SME support, agricultural development and business environment reform.
Synthesis Note on youth employment (2018): This 5-page Note gives an overview of the causes of youth employment, and ways to address it, including youth entrepreneurship.

More detail: DCED Employment Creation web page and DCED Youth Employment web page

Private Sector Development for Refugees

Synthesis Note on PSD for refugees (2017): This 6-page Note summarises key research and conclusions about using private sector development to assist refugees.

More detail: DCED web page on Increasing Opportunities for Refugees and DCED web page on PSD in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Environments

Donor strategies for PSD

More detail: DCED web page on Agency PSD Strategies of individual agencies

PSD in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Environments (FCAEs)

More detail: DCED web page on PSD in FCAEs