DCED Synthesis Notes and Summaries

In a hurry? This page provides short-cuts to all of the DCED’s brief summaries of key publications and thematic synthesis documents on PSD.

Private Sector Development (overview documents)

Learn more: DCED web page on Agency PSD Strategies of individual agencies

Results Measurement

Learn more: Introduction to the DCED Standard

Private Sector Engagement

Learn more: DCED Private Sector Engagement web page

Women’s Economic Empowerment

Learn more: DCED Women’s Economic Empowerment web page 

Industrial Policy

Learn more: DCED Industrial Policy web page

Small Enterprise Development

More detailDCED Small Enterprise Development web page

Inclusive Business

Learn more: DCED Inclusive Business web page

Employment Creation

  • Employment creation, 2017: 4-pager summarising evidence on job creation, based on a review of approaches such as industrial policy, SME support, agricultural development and business environment reform.
  • Youth employment, 2018: 5-page overview of the causes of youth employment, and ways to address it, including youth entrepreneurship.

Learn more: DCED Employment Creation web page and DCED Youth Employment web page

Business Environment Reform

Learn more: DCED Business Environment Reform web page and Business Environment Working Group page, including more policy briefs

Private Sector Development targeting Refugees and Conflict-Affected Contexts

Learn more: DCED web page on Increasing Opportunities for Refugees and DCED web page on PSD in FCAEs

Green Growth

Learn more: DCED Green Growth web page