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How donors can make the transition to strategic private sector engagement

Donors are still largely geared towards bilateral projects or traditional formats of working with business. This DCED briefing note (March 2017) documents changes in policies and procedures, staff roles and institutional structures, as well skills development to enable strategic private sector engagement.

Engaging the private sector through multi-stakeholder platforms

This DCED report (January 2017) reviews the objectives, achievements and lessons of multi-stakeholder platforms. To what extent do they provide a useful strategy for working with business going forward?

Member Agency PSD Policies

This new DCED Synthesis Note (March 2017) reviews big trends in agency  PSD policies, and shows how the DCED can assist in policy formulation and implementation.

Business structure and social impact

Does business structure influence social impact? This DCED-Oxfam Note (November 2016) reviews the evidence that business form, governance and ownership influence outcomes for the poor.

Enabling Inclusive Business

The DCED BusinessDCED BE WG Cover page image Creating and Enabling Environment for Inclusive Business Environment Working Group has published a review of evidence and debates on ‘how to create an enabling environment for inclusive business‘ (October 2016).

Results Measurement in Impact Investing

DCED RM WG Cover page image RM in Impact InvestmentThe DCED Results Measurement Working Group has published a ‘Review of Results Measurement in Impact Investment‘ (October 2016).


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