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Seminar on PSD in Conflict and Fragility Affected Environments (CFAEs)

In November, the DCED Secretariat supported Danida to organise a seminar on private sector development in CFAEs. Find out more here.

DCED-Oxfam Briefing Note on business structures

Does business structure influence social impact? Early insights and practical implications for donor agencies: This joint DCED-Oxfam Briefing reviews the evidence that business form, governance and ownership influence outcomes for the poor.

DCED scoping paper on the Enabling Environment for Inclusive Business

The DCED BusinessDCED BE WG Cover page image Creating and Enabling Environment for Inclusive Business Environment Working Group has published ‘How to create an enabling environment for inclusive business? Learning from experience and debates in private sector development‘. The Paper summarises a very large body of evidence, structuring it into key debates for further exploration.

DCED paper on Results Measurement in Impact Investing

DCED RM WG Cover page image RM in Impact InvestmentThe DCED Results Measurement Working Group has published a ‘Review of Results Measurement in Impact Investment‘.

This Paper reviews the results measurement of the impact investing and social enterprise communities, to understand how they might relate to Public Private Partnerships, Blended Finance and PSD generally.


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