FCDO PSD Technical Competency Framework: Reading List PSD5

–Trial version for review, May 2021 —

The UK FCDO’s 2020 Technical Competency Framework on Private Sector Development specified key competencies to guide PSD advisors’ recruitment and professional development (2023 version here); these pages signpost recommended reading structured according to the 2020 competencies. These pages have no official status and are offered by the DCED as a resource for the PSD community.

On this page, you will find pointers on competency PSD 5: Market Systems Development

For resources on other competencies, including cross-cutting capabilities, please refer back to the overview page. 

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Competency PSD5: Market Systems Development

5.1 Describe and explain the importance of functioning product, service and factor markets to businesses and to poor people’s access to jobs, incomes, goods and services.

5.2 Describe and explain the key features of and conditions for efficient and effective markets, market failure and government failure concepts, and the risks of distorting markets.

5.3 Describe, appraise and apply tools and frameworks for market analysis for different sectors.

5.4 Explain what a market systems approach is (including when it is appropriate) and design, manage and evaluate appropriate and inclusive market systems development programmes in different markets understanding incentives and externalities at work.