A ‘How-To’ Guide to Measuring Women’s Empowerment – Oxfam (2017)

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Oxfam, 2017 – 48 pages

To understand the extent to which its projects have contributed to women’s empowerment, Oxfam has developed a measurement tool based on a composite index – the Women’s Empowerment Index. This builds on experience and tools from the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) and the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

  • Section one of this report presents the framework that has been developed to measure women’s empowerment.
  • Section two presents the characteristics of the index and provides suggestions as to how it might be applied.
  • Section three presents the five steps involved in defining and constructing the Women’s Empowerment Index.
  • Section four discusses future evolution of the measurement tool.