A Summary on Gender-Responsive Green Growth

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2019, DCED – 1 page

The DCED developed a series of guidance sheets to support practitioners to integrate gender into green growth programming. Analysing existing green growth and gender programmes have informed the following key recommendations for practitioners including:

  • Provide technical advice to partners to ensure the development and implementation of gender-responsive national green growth and sector policies.
  • Commission national sex-disaggregated data on employment and entrepreneurship in green economy sector value chains and access to and usage of green finance.
  • Use gender criteria to inform the selection of specific green value chains (VC) for interventions and conduct a VC analysis of women and men’s roles in these chains.
  • Integrate content on gender and green growth in capacity building programmes.
  • Collaborate with green sector industry associations and their members.
  • Incorporate gender in the design and criteria for fund allocation.
  • Provide support to women and women’s groups’ engagement.