Developing Gender-Sensitive Value Chains: Guidelines for practitioners – FAO (2018)

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FAO, 2018 – 116 pages

These guidelines aim to support practitioners in translating FAO’s Gender-Sensitive Value Chain Framework into action. They are primarily intended to assist practitioners in designing and implementing interventions that provide women and men with equal opportunities to benefit from agri-food value chain development. They offer practical tools and examples of successful approaches to foster a more systematic integration of gender equality dimensions in value chain interventions in the agricultural sector and enhance the social impact of these interventions. The publication consists of two main sections:

  • Gender-sensitive analysis of the value chain presents tools and resources to assess and select value chains from a gender perspective and guides practitioners in the identification of the gender-based constraints (GBCs) that undermine both the performance of the chain and women’s opportunities for economic empowerment.
  • Actions for addressing GBCs in value chain interventions explore possible solutions to address them as an integral part of the value chain upgrading strategy.