Other results measurement resources

This page contains useful information and resources on policies and methodologies for results measurement, including in private sector development. It signposts to methodological papers on measuring results, from research institutes and development agencies.

The DCED’s own Standard for results measurement provides a practical framework, whereby programmes can measure their own results according to agreed good practice. Click here for the page dedicated to the DCED Standard for results measurement.

Results measurement methodologies for private sector development

They are categorised by cross-cutting methodologies and methodologies relating to value chain development, technical and vocational training, and business environment reform in particular. Some of them are very broad, implicitly leaving interpretation to the individual project; others are more specific. In particular, some (e.g. GTZ, IFAD, USAID) are based on the articulation of results chains, and are therefore similar in approach to the DCED Standard.

Measuring results in PSD (cross-cutting)

Measuring results in value chain development

Selected impact methodologies specific to value chain development; is listed below. For more agency methodologies in this field, please refer to the DCED Value Chains Database.

Measuring results in impact investing

Measuring results in technical and vocational training

Measuring results in business environment reform

Methodological papers on measuring results

General agency policies and methodologies for results measurement

An overview of official member agency methodologies in results measurement, monitoring and evaluation can be found below.