Private Equity and Value Creation: A fund manager’s guide to gender-smart investing – IFC & CDC (2020)

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IFC & CDC, 2020 – 109 pages

Given the business case for gender-smart investing is well established, and the fact that women around the globe have been impacted more severely by the pandemic, it is more important than ever for private investors, including private equity funds, to direct capital towards solutions that drive gender equality. While the opportunity is promising, more clarity and guidance is needed by investors to understand and put into practice gender-smart investing. The objective of this Guide is to answer two questions identified by Fund Managers as the most critical for further clarification:

  • How can Fund Managers drive the adoption of gender-smart solutions across their firm, including moving investment teams towards gender balance?
  • How can Fund Managers apply gender-smart approaches to their investment operations; including during origination, due diligence, investment analysis and decision-making, deal structuring and negotiations, portfolio management and reporting, and exit?