Toolkits from the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on WEE – UN Women (2017)

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2017, UN Women – online tool

A host of comprehensive resources from the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on WEE, making the case for investment in WEE, its timeliness and the current landscape. The platform also includes several “how -to” guides that detail appropriate courses of action on the seven drivers of transformation:

  • Driver 1: How to change norms in support of women’s economic empowerment
  • Driver 2: How to ensure legal protections and reform discriminatory laws and regulations
  • Driver 3: How to recognize, reduce and redistribute unpaid work and care
  • Driver 4: How to build assets – digital, financial and property
  • Driver 5: How to change business culture and practice
  • Driver 6: How to improve public sector practices in employment and procurement
  • Driver 7: How to strengthen visibility, collective voice and representation