DCED 44th Annual Meeting, Cambridge, UK, June 2022

The DCED Annual Meeting for 2022 took place 8-10 June, on-line and in Cambridge, UK. During the Annual Meeting, three Working Groups met to share member updates and discuss work items on their respective themes; you may find the minutes of those meetings on the Working Group webpages when they become available. The Thematic Day saw presentations and discussions led by each individual Working Group on their internal strategies, recent work, and opportunities for synergies across Working Groups. The final day of the Annual Meeting offered space for member update presentations, and the Business Session.

Schedule of meetings

  • Wednesday 8th June: Working Group meetings

Market Systems Development (MSD) Minutes

Private Sector Engagement (afternoon only) (PSE) Minutes

Women’s Economic Empowerment (afternoon only) (WEE) Minutes

The Green Growth (GG), Business Environment (BE) and Results Measurement (RM) Working Groups did not meet in Cambridge this year.

  • Thursday 9th June: Thematic Day, with Working Groups presenting and leading discussions

Thematic Day presentations were as follows:

  • Friday 10th June: DCED Business Day

The meeting started with member agencies presenting on priorities and trends in their organisation; some are posted below (some spoke without a presentation). You can find more information about the PSD policies of individual agencies here.

Agency Updates that included a presentation were as follows:

The Minutes of the Business Session are here.

Photo credits: Alex Brown and Joe Sutton