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Global Affairs Canada Private Sector DevelopmentGlobal Affairs Canada manages Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations, promotes the country’s international trade and leads Canada’s international development and humanitarian assistance. It aims to strengthen Canada’s contribution to “a more just, inclusive and sustainable world”. It is currently implementing a “distinctive new Canadian vision” for international assistance that advances the dignity and livelihoods of the poorest and most vulnerable people, promotes the economic empowerment of women and girls, builds on Canada’s strengths, and makes a strong contribution to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Canada’s International Assistance Review (IAR) public consultation ran from May – July 2016, its aim was to inform the process of determining how best Canada can refocus its international assistance so that it helps the poorest and most vulnerable people. It will also help shape Canada’s approach to implementing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. A special emphasis was placed on women and girls and consulting on how to apply a feminist lens throughout all of Canada’s international assistance activities. You can read a summary of the consultation’s findings here. Previously, Canadian development assistance was channelled through CIDA and then DFATD.

Private sector development (PSD) policy and strategy

Canada has more than four decades of international development experience in areas to which the private sector can contribute unique skills, resources, innovation and know-how. By working with private sector actors that adhere to responsible business and investment practices, along with non-governmental organizations, multilateral institutions, and partner countries, Canada can contribute to the creation of jobs, mobilize private investment, unlock innovative solutions to intractable development challenges, and deliver products and services that improve the lives of people in poverty.

Global Affairs Canada aims to make sure growth reaches the poorest and the most vulnerable. It also aims to address the gender gaps that hold back growth and perpetuate poverty.

Partnership mechanisms for the private sector

Canada’s private sector development policy includes a commitment to private sector partnership opportunities; the Government of Canada continues to collaborate with local, Canadian and international private sector partners to deploy the most appropriate resources, approaches and expertise in support of poverty alleviation. In pursuing this goal, the Government of Canada’s private sector and development approach pursues strong results in the general areas of investment, partnerships and innovation.

Speeches and news on PSD

Transparency, effectiveness and results in PSD

The Government of Canada is committed to making its international assistance more efficient, focused and accountable in order to maximize the impact of public funds. A key element of this aid effectiveness agenda is in the areas of results and transparency.

Global Affairs Canada regularly reports to Canadians on its plans, activities and results throughout the year. Canada is also increasing its efforts to improve aid transparency through a variety of new mechanisms and agreements, including the Open Data website, the Open Government Partnership, the International Aid Transparency Initiative and the Busan Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation.