The Win-Win Case for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Growth: Review of the literature – GrOW (2017)

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GrOW Research Series, 2017 – 40 pages

This report explores the relationship between WEE and growth. On the one hand, it investigates if WEE contributes to growth. Does women’s more equal participation lead to increases in production, productivity and efficiency? On the other hand, it studies the evidence that, or of the extent to which, economic growth leads to enhanced WEE and gender equality. Under what conditions are there larger positive effects?

  • Section one reviews definitions of women’s empowerment, particularly economic, as they are used in research on links between empowerment and growth.
  • Second, it looks at the empowerment to growth linkage, with a short overview of the recent advocacy of the ‘win-win case’, and the evidence that lies behind this.
  • The third section reviews what is known about how economic growth and transformation contributes to gender equality.
  • The last section concludes and highlights policy areas that are important to galvanise the synergy between growth and gender equality.