The most popular DCED downloads

The 15 most popular downloads of DCED publications on in 2019 are listed below (most popular first).

1. A one-page summary of the DCED Standard for Results Measurement, DCED (2019).

A brief overview of what the Standard consists of, and what the benefits of using it are.

2. One-page Overview of Private Sector Development, DCED (2019)

Provides an overview of the generally-accepted categories within the field of Private Sector Development, with links to the relevant parts of the DCED website for further information.

3. DCED Reader on Results Measurement, DCED (2018)

Provides a 25-page overview of What the Standard is, case studies on use of the Standard, and practical ways to get involved.

4. The DCED Standard for Measuring Results in Private Sector Development, (DCED, v. 2017)

Covers the detailed Control Points and Compliance Criteria of the Standard – primarily intended for programmes that are using the Standard in their management processes. It also covers scoring and definitions. Introductory materials and guidance are better places to start, for those who are curious.

5. Synthesis Note on Women’s Economic Empowerment, DCED (2019)

Covers Making the case, Definitions, Constraints and Opportunities, and Measuring impact on WEE, in 6 pages.

6. Synthesis Note on Private Sector Engagement, DCED (2019)

Introduction to PSE as a new way of operating to achieve the SDGs; also offers a summary of key issues for staff already implementing PSE strategies or working to professionalise their agencies’ PSE approach.

7. Business Development Services for Small Enterprises: Guiding Principles for Donor Intervention (DCED, 2001)

Apparently a timeless classic, setting out the early thinking that led to the approach of Making Markets Work for the Poor (M4P); it was based on case material gleaned through a series of five conferences, organised by the Committee over two years. Controversial when it first came out.

8. Donor Engagement in Innovative Finance. Document summary, DCED (2019)

2-pager on key issues for donors interested in innovative finance, including: definitions and discourse; evidence on results; ‘best fit’ roles for donors; and capacity for performing new roles. Includes a summary graphic of innovative finance concepts.

9. Towards strategic private sector engagement: A summary of innovations and institutional change in donor agencies, DCED (2018)

Documents how development organisations are changing policies and procedures, staff roles and team structures, as well as staff capacity and incentives to enable private sector engagement. This is a two-page summary based on the 34-page report original report; the one-page checklist is also frequently downloaded.

10. Guidelines to the DCED Standard for Results Measurement: Defining Indicators, DCED (2018)

Explains what indicators are, how to choose them, and gives examples; it also touches on qualitative and proxy indicators, how to use them, and links to other resources.

11. Guidelines to the DCED Standard for Results Measurement: Articulating the Results Chain, DCED (2017)

Explains what results chains are, how to articulate them, and how to use them. It also explains the requirements of the DCED Standard in this area.

12. Agency PSD Strategies. State of the Art, DCED (2018)

2-pager on current trends and priorities in donor strategies.

13. Donor Engagement in Innovative Finance: Opportunities and Obstacles, Working Paper, DCED (2019)

Explains different innovative finance concepts and approaches, and identifies four key issues that donors need to address as a basis for effective engagement in innovative finance: definitions and discourse; evidence on results; ‘best fit’ roles for donors; and capacity for performing new roles.

14. Measuring Job Creation in PSD, DCED (2014)

Offers practical advice and examples on how to measure job creation and job quality. It is written for PSD programmes and is particularly relevant for those using the DCED Standard for results measurement.

15. Creating Better Business Environments for Micro and Small Enterprises. Technical Report, DCED (2019)

Presents the findings of a review of experiences in business environment reforms specifically targeted at micro and small enterprises.

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