2012 Global Seminar: Trends and results in Private Sector Development


This Seminar provided the opportunity for experienced practitioners to update themselves on current trends in the fast-moving field of Private Sector Development (PSD). In particular, it focused on what we are learning about results – since those are now so much in demand: how to work out the logic of the programme, how to monitor progress and how to estimate achievements. Presentations focused mainly on the DCED Standard for results measurement.

There were around 100 participants from 32 countries, representing 54 different organisations, field programmes and governments. Speakers presented the practical experience of major PSD programmes in Asia, Africa and Latin America – including value chain development, trade promotion, business environment reform programmes and challenge funds.

For extensive interviews with presenters, click here. For the final report on the Seminar, please click here. The following gives a list of presentations made during the Seminar. To view the full agenda, click here. Current monitoring information on many of the programmes presented can also be found in the DCED case studies.

Interviews were taken with selected participants and presenters at the seminar to highlight the key issues arising. They cover areas such as use of the Standard by programmes, donor perspectives, new applications for the Standard (such as with challenge funds) and future steps. They are also viewable on the DCED YouTube Account.



Setting up new PSD programmes for results


Systems for enhancing management effectiveness during implementation


Managing for results in challenge funds


Other experiences in implementation (Value Chain Development/LED)

  • PymeRural, with Ivan Rodriguez,  PymeRural Swisscontact Honduras


Managing for results in trade facilitation


Managing for results in value chain development


Pressures and opportunities for development agencies


Experiences with the standard, and planning for the future


Break-out sessions on measuring results in business environment reform

Current agency experiences and challenges, with:

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