2014 DCED Global Seminar on Results Measurement

The second Global Seminar took place 24-26 March 2014, featuring the experiences of 10 field programmes that have used the DCED Standard for Results Measurement; it also looked at cross-cutting themes, such as what we have learned to date about the audit process, and the interface with evaluation.

For the final report on the Seminar, please click here. The Reader on Results Measurement (en français, en español) summarises key background information. All available presentations and papers can be downloaded below, and the full agenda can be downloaded here. The Seminar was organised in cooperation with the ILO and with co-financing from the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (Seco).




Monitoring from the start


Tackling complexity


Adopting the standard during implementation


More specific challenges


Focused case studies


Participant marketplace

  • Themes covered in this break-out session included practical tools in RM, measuring jobs, measuring systemic change, knowledge management in RM, and a donor view of the Standard


Using monitoring for management


Monitoring and evaluation


Looking ahead


Feedback from seminar participants

“Congratulations on organising an excellent Seminar. 3 days of knowledge sharing. Brilliant.”

“Very much appreciated. …Sometimes we feel we are unique but in fact we all go through similar constraints. Sharing knowledge and learning from other programmes implementing the DCED Standard really helped me broaden my understanding and widen my vision as well. … The whole programme was well organised and it was worth taking part in every session. …Thank you!”

“It was an excellent Seminar – with a good balance of high quality, practical and theoretical, in-depth and informative material.”

“It was a really well-organised event… I take away tons of lessons learnt relevant for my programme.”

“It was perfect! … The composition of the participants – with donor agencies, implementing partners and consultants together for three days – is very rare.”

“I have been able to understand how important the DCED Standard is in helping to build an MRM System that is supporting a better delivery of our programme.”

“The presentations were of high quality and well prepared… I learnt about many new tools and first-hand experiences.”

“A great learning experience!”

“This Seminar has been very eye-opening and useful for my work.”



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