Evidence framework

The framework for evidence represents a structured approach to organise robust research on results in PSD based on the logic by which PSD practitioners typically expect their work to lead to pro-poor impacts: it is designed as a ‘clickable’ results chain that signposts key evidence for each step in the logic.As such, it aims to provide the basis for making research-backed arguments in favour of PSD, while highlighting areas where more research is required.

Summaries of all evidence referenced across the framework for selected intervention types can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. Suggestions for addition to the evidence framework are always welcome. Please e-mail the DCED Secretariat.

Please note that the below graphic is not available for Mobile Phone displays, however you can explore the respective links on the right hand menu.

How to use the evidence framework

To view the available evidence for each link in the chain, click on the blue arrows in the results chain below or on the respective items in the menu on the right.


Image Map

To view narratives explaining how the different types of interventions are typically expected to lead to pro-poor outcomes, you can click on the yellow boxes at the bottom of the framework.


Summaries of evidence on specific intervention types

Work is on-going to to bring together evidence on specific sub-types of interventions listed across the framework into easily accessible summary documents.