Addressing Gender-Based Violence and Harassment (GBVH): Emerging good practice for the private sector – CDC, EBRD & IFC (2020)

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CDC, EBRD, and IFC, 2020 – 96 pages

Addressing GBVH in the private sector is a relatively new and complex area. This guidance note outlines emerging practices in addressing GBVH in operations, projects, and investments. These practices are drawn from recent experience in the private sector, as well as a larger body of work from the non-profit sector. The guidance is organised into seven sections:

  • Addressing GBVH
  • The business case for addressing GBVH
  • Overarching principles in addressing GBVH
  • Assessing GBVH risks, company capacity and resources
  • Preventing GBVH and encouraging reporting
  • Responding to reports of GBVH
  • Monitoring GBVH