Investing in Women: New evidence for the business case – IFC (2017)

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IFC, 2017- 80 pages

The business rationale for gender-smart solutions is diverse and wide-reaching. Diversity can improve talent pipelines, strengthen market development, and build an enabling investment climate. By considering the full scope of the business case, companies can unlock opportunities for increased profit, growth, and innovation. This report supports the business case of investing in women by highlighting quantitative evidence and best-practice examples from IFC global clients and partners.

Main takeaways:

  • Companies with gender-diverse boards generate a higher return on equity than those without.
  • Companies with gender-diverse boards outperform those with no women in terms of share price performance during times of crisis or volatility.
  • High-performing companies are almost 50% more likely than low-performing companies to report that men and women have equal influence on strategy development.
  • Investors in companies with strong gender diversity strategies receive excess returns running at a compound annual growth rate of 3.5%.