Measuring WEE: A Compendium of Selected Tools – CGD (2020)

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2020, CGD – 120 pages

This compendium selects and reviews tools for measuring WEE (or disempowerment) grouped into 20 population monitoring tools and 15 monitoring and evaluation tools (M&E). The main objective is practical: helping readers both understand how different measurement tools are built and select among the most well-known and widely (cross-culturally) applicable tools for different purposes. The following basic questions help readers select which WEE measurement tool is a “good fit for your purpose”:

  • What is your desired objective? (Population monitoring or M&E)
  • What is your substantive focus? (e.g., gender equality, women’s legal rights, women’s empowerment in agriculture)
  • What specific dimensions of WEE interest you? (e.g., financial inclusion, land rights)
  • What population of women are you seeking to learn about? (Women globally, women entrepreneurs, women in Africa)

What level(s) of outcomes — direct, intermediate and/or final — interest you?