DCED-BEAM Seminar, Nairobi, 21st – 22nd February 2018

A new event with joint themes of results measurement (particularly around the Standard), and market systems development in cities.

The Donor Committee for Enterprise Development and the BEAM Exchange are pleased to organise a two-day event for policy makers, funders, practitioners of market systems development, and private sector development results measurement professionals.

The Seminar will feature a lively interactive programme drawing on practical field experience and insights from research and policy-makers. There will be plenty of space for networking and informal conversations.

Participants at the DCED 2016 Seminar on Results Measurement.

Priority themes include applying the market systems approach to employment creation in cities, adapting RM to adaptively managed programmes and using qualitative methods for causal analysis.

The agenda and speaker bios are linked below; presentations and handouts will be posted here shortly. Meanwhile, you can get a sense of the most recent DCED Seminar on results measurement here; you can get a sense of the most recent BEAM Conference on market systems here.

Contact information: #DCEDBEAM2018 Seminar2018@Enterprise-Development.org

Programme: https://www.enterprise-development.org/wp-content/uploads/Nairobi-seminar-agenda.pdf

Speaker bios: https://www.enterprise-development.org/dced-beam-seminar-2018/speakers/


Feedback from participants in the last Seminar

“The Seminar was very helpful and I particularly enjoyed the diversity of topics … It really sparked interesting debate from a diverse group of PSD practitioners.”

“It was a wonderful balance of information exchange, networking and building connections/relationships, and fun! Thank you!!”

“High quality, diverse speakers. Excellent!”

“It was a great opportunity to learn about the DCED Standard and see what peers are doing.”

“Good spread of tools, methodologies, frameworks, attitudes and theories.”

“It was a great opportunity to catch up with many people and get to know more about their work. I really took a lot out of it.”



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